Draper Street

Living History Since 1881

Welcome to Draper Street!   Our history goes back to 1881, when many of the Second Empire Victorian homes were first constructed. Although the street was first built for labourers working in the railway lands, it has evolved considerably during the past century.


Please browse the virtual Draper Street here at draperstreet.com, take a look at the gallery and maps sections, read about the restoration work that has taken place on the street and please do leave comments.

William Henry Draper

William Henry DraperDraper Street was named after William Henry Draper  (b. 1801 – d. 1877) a lawyer, judge, and politician in Upper Canada – read more

lincolnalexanderLincoln M. Alexander

Draper Street is also the birthplace of Lincoln M. Alexander (b. 1922 – d. 2012), The first black member of parliament in Canada, 1968, the first black lieutenant governor in Canada, Province of Ontario ,1985 and Companion of the Order of Canada, 1992 – read more



Did you used to live on Draper Street?   Drop us a note below and we will publish your story on here!


5 thoughts on “Draper Street

  1. Hello! Thanks for linking to Fort York and Garrison Common Maps project. I see with excitement that you’ve incorporated the Draper Street survey plan by J. Stoughton Dennis, and the ‘zoomable’ Boulton Atlas, that I posted.

    Can you please add links to the respective commentary posts regarding those two maps? That way, people can find out more about the specific map and its origins if they wish to do further investigation. [They took some work to unearth, so I’d like future students/researchers to benefit from that]

    More about the Draper St. plan may be found here:

    About the Boulton atlas:

    (or, alternately: http://oldtorontomaps.blogspot.ca/2013/01/1858-boulton-map-of-toronto.html )

    Draper Street is an amazing, living, breathing link to the city’s past. Thanks for putting up this site!


    Nathan Ng

  2. Hi Michele Karch-Ackerman – would you please drop us your email address in the form above and we’ll be in touch about an in-depth visit to Draper St! Thanks 🙂

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